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Open your mind, Open a bottle

Have an Epiphany!

Epiphany Wine Company is a professional, full-service sales company with vast wine knowledge and experience. These qualities allow us to provide our customers with the most helpful, high quality service in the industry. The Epiphany team serves as the link between small wineries and a larger market of restaurants and wine connoisseurs.

Epiphany Wine Company Wine Sales
Epiphany Wine Company Winery Partners

Our Journey

The journey begins with Johnson Brothers – Mutual Distributing; a family-owned, wine, beer, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverage distribution company. In 2012, Johnson Brothers – Mutual Distributing recognized the need to provide for smaller, family-owned wineries to keep them from getting lost in the sea of wine.

We present our customers with high quality, estate and family owned wines confidently.

Our sales representatives are brand ambassadors and with their extensive experience and knowledge of the wines, they bring innovative marketing strategies to increase sales.

Here at Epiphany Wine Company

we believe:

You should never be afraid
to ask questions.
The sole purpose of wine
is to enjoy it.
Expensive does not mean
Experimenting with
wine is fun!
You won’t know if you will like
it until you give it a try!
Epiphany takes on the wine
industry in its entirety.

Our team is comprised of professionals who have spent years working in the wine industry at just about every level. 

Chances are, someone on our team has been in your shoes – wine buyer, restaurant owner or even just a wine lover.
Let our team find the perfect wine for you – you will have an Epiphany!

Our team takes care of our customers
and winery partners…

Epiphany’s sales team offers our customers passionate and experienced brand ambassadors, information on key producers, recommendations and answers to any wine-related questions.

Epiphany takes on the wine industry in its entirety

from wineries to the customers.

Words from our

Winery Partners

  • Working with the professionals at Epiphany Wine is a huge breath of fresh air. As a small producer of luxury wine, we never feel left out of thought or mind, and consider our relationships with their team lifetime friendships.
    Jason J. Williams
    General Manager, Venge Vineyards | Croix Estate | Marauder Wines
  • Marisco Vineyards have had Epiphany Wine Co representing its brands ‘The Ned’ and ‘The Kings Series’ since 2013. Ever since the initial launch in North Carolina, we have not looked back. The wine knowledge of the staff, the amazing organization when we visit the region, and the dedication to making our brands a success in this market are second to none. A truly professional company with a professional approach to selling wine.
    Brent Marris
    Owner & Winemaker Marisco Vineyards, New Zealand
  • Clear communication from the top and excellent storytelling on the street make Epiphany the ideal partner to develop brands and accomplish sales goals for fine wine suppliers.
    Dan Parrott
    President & CEO of JAX Vineyards
  • I was blown away by my first visit to North Carolina. We’ve got the best of both worlds with Epiphany…the hands on feel, passion and representation of a small distributor that ensures our wines are positioned exactly where they need to be, paired with the logistical backing of a large distributor that ensures timely and thorough execution on all fronts at the back end of the house... It’s a model I wish I could replicate in every single one of our markets. North Carolina is a very dynamic, exciting marketplace for our wines and paired with Epiphany, I have no doubt it will be one of our most favored markets, and favorite ones to visit, for a very long time to come.
    Jason Kesner
    Owner & Winemaker of Kesner Wines

Our Portfolio

From field to fermentation, every wine makers’ individuality drives the growth of the wine industry. Because of this, our team ensures that each wine we represent brings something unique to our portfolio.

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