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Allegrini is the most acclaimed winery in the Veneto. The unquestioned benchmark producer of Amarone, Allegrini was named Italy’s 2016 Winery of the Year by Gambero Rosso. Owner Marilisa Allegrini is a global ambassador for the region and is internationally considered the “voice of Amarone.” The Allegrini legacy is built on six generations of winegrowing expertise, centuries-old connections to the land, and on a culture of distinction in vine growing and winemaking in Valpolicella passed down for generations. Today, Allegrini wines are recognized around the world as an enduring beacon of Italian winemaking mastery.

For six generations the Allegrini family has been a leading force in shaping the Veneto. Continuing to uphold a rich historical legacy of excellence while continuing to push quality through innovation. Allegrini has modernized the appassimento winemaking by numerous measures, notably reducing bitterness and emphasizing desirable phenolic flavor compounds by adding dried fruit to previously vinified, fresh wine in lieu of passing fresh wine over grape pomace, which was traditionally done for Amarone. The Allegrinis pair modern techniques such as site selection by soil type, high density planting and guyot trellising to develop wines that tap into the incredible potential of a renewed approach to this historic region.

The framework of the modern estate was the vision of Giovani Allegrini. Giovani had envisioned the winery as one of quality rather than quantity. As a result, he identified many specific sites that he believed to be special. After his passing in 1983, Marilisa and her brother Franco Allegrini were left to run the estate.

With 247 acres of vineyards in the Valpolicella Classico, the Allegrinis craft a collection of wines that speak of the remarkable sites where they are grown, vineyards whose unique microclimates, soils and aspects contribute distinctive personality to the wines. The climate in the Valpolicella region’s Fumane has ideal temperatures and near-constant ventilating winds from Mount Pastello in the north. Nearby Lake Garda offers warmer, mitigating air currents and contributes desirable warm temperatures.

La Grola is the extraordinary result of the meeting of two great personalities: the famous La Grola hill and the Valpolicella’s indigenous grape, Covina. Marilisa Allegrini feels a strong connection to this historic vineyard, which according to folklore, is the birthplace of Corvina. La Grola benefits from a combination of factors that are unique in Valpolicella: Along with optimal sunshine and cooling breezes, the vineyard has only a small amount of topsoil but is rich in limestone, potassium and calcium. The Allegrinis refer to this as “powerful” soil, ideally suited for the red varieties that produce structured wines with depth, concentration and balance. The 74-acre La Grola vineyard is in Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella at an altitude of 984 feet. Vines were planted between 1979 and 1998 with a southeastern exposure.  The 2015 La Grola IGT is a deep ruby red with an expansive, alluring bouquet and elegant, harmonious palate. Fruit notes of ripe plum and wild berries blend with hints of coffee, backed by firm tannins. Full-bodied and intense while maintaining its finesse, the wine is made from Corvina Veronese and Oseleta grapes grown on terraces. The high plant density and the resulting low yields add to the wine’s unique concentration. Aging potential is 10-15 years. -93pts James Suckling-$20.00

On a plateau atop La Grola hill lies a stunning white-soiled vineyard called La Poja, planted exclusively with Corvina Veronese. La Poja wine was inspired by Giovanni Allegrini, embodying his passionate belief in the land where he lived. The meticulous attention to detail on the spectacular site yields grapes with great personality and maturity. After more than four years of bottle aging, the 2012 La Poja shows extraordinary vivacity with a full spectrum of fresh-picked fruit and baking spice characteristics with subtle herbal elements. Full bodied and luscious with a long, lingering finish, La Poja has obtained star status among Italian wine enthusiasts. Age for a decade or more. -95 pts James Suckling-$74.05

Amarone Classico is a true classic of the appellation, embracing the traditions, territory and character of this spectacular region. Corvina, Rondinella and Oseleta are carefully air dried on racks for 90–120 days and checked daily. In this natural drying process, called appassimento, the grapes become more concentrated and lose around 45% of their weight. This meticulous and lengthy aging results in an impressive red wine that is an icon of Italian winemaking. The 2015 Amarone features incredible depth, length and complexity, with abundant notes of ripe dark fruit and savory spices, finishing with distinctive minerality. The wine’s concentration and heat are balanced by supple tannins and bright acidity.  -94 pts James Suckling-$54.05