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Baby, it’s cold outside!

The temperature outside may be cold but how cold should your wine be?

Below is quick reference guide to recommended temperatures to serve wines. It is important to remember that these are recommendations and personal preferences will often differ.

Recommended Serving Temperatures for Wine
Wine Style Temperature Range
Light-Bodied White 45-50°
Full-Bodied White 50-55°
Sweet White 43-47°
Rosé 50-55°
Light-Bodied Red 50-55°
Medium-Bodied Red 55-58°
Full-Bodied Red 59-64°
Tawny Port 54-61°
Ruby/Vintage Port 64-68°
Fino Sherry 43-47°
Amontillado/Oloroso 55°
Pedro Ximénez Sherry 55-58°
Sweet Sherry 43-47°
Dry Madeira 48-52°
Sweet (and all Frasqueira) Madeira 64-68°
Sweet Muscat Vin Doux Naturel 43-47°
Vin Santo 54-61°
Sparkling Red 50°
Sparkling White 45-50° (many prefer cooler)
Vintage Champagne 50° (many prefer cooler)