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Beach Wine!

The warm weather and long days of summer are just around the corner. Time to fire up the Bar-B-Cue, go to the beach, and take a break. After being bloated from beer or frustrated with disappointing craft cocktails wine is what I really crave. But what to drink when it is ninety degrees outside with no end in sight?


One of my favorite kinds of wine for the summer is Rosé. Dry Provincial style Rosé has been gaining popularity for the last number of years. It still surprises me how many times I still hear consumers take defense with comments like “I don’t like sweet wines”. Fair enough, White Zinfandel may have had a lasting effect on the American wine market marring the traditional dry pink wines of Europe. Rosé has long been the drink of choice at the beaches around Provence. So much so that is traditionally drank from magnum sized bottles. The German, Spanish and Italians all have outstanding values in Rosé as well. Don’t think that the rest of the world has not gotten the message as well. There is some spectacular Dry Rosé made all over the world today.
In the heat of the summer a cold glass of Rosé is as refreshing as an ice cold Corona.


What will you be drinking this summer.