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Collective Spirits for the Bascom

“Collective Spirits ~ A Celebration of Art, Wine & Food is a weekend fundraising gathering benefiting The Bascom Visual Arts Center in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. Located in the heart of the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau, in the town of Highlands, the Collective Spirits weekend includes in-home winemaker dinners and a grand consumer tasting and wine market. During the weekend, more than 400 attendees will gather to experience the fine art of pairing outstanding wine with gourmet cuisine while simultaneously supporting the unique exhibition, education and outreach programs presented at The Bascom.”


Elizabeth McDonald, Lizzie Day Inc.: Talent coordinator/Event Consultant

Epiphany Wine Company has been the biggest and best supporter of this event since Epiphany was created…and this year was no exception. We had some major talent in the house which paid off to record sales already. I’m sure we will continue to see these brands move throughout the season as we have in years past.


The Talent: (quotes direct from them…reach out and ask them if you are intrigued for the story)

Tyler Olbres – Proprietor of Nellcote Wines:

“for a one-stoplight town, I was amazed by the generosity and high ‘wine IQ’ of the Bascom’s enthusiastic patrons! Soaking rain did little to dampen the Collective Spirits of the weekend, and I came away with new friends, customers, and an appreciation of this special and beautiful slice of heaven. Thank you Highlands!”

Alycia Mondavi – Co-Owner of Aloft Wines:

“the food, the ambience, the people, the wines…everything was on point. Truly an amazing weekend raising money for Bascom! I cannot wait to attend again.”

Steve Smith – Co-Owner of Smith-Devereaux Wines:

“Dolls are Creepy”

“if you want me to hike, just bring fried chicken”

“subtraction lime is my new favorite band”

Mike Bell – Proprietor of Reference Point Wines:

“the event is as fun as it is productive, sales are first but the hospitality and nature of all those involved is second to none. Sign me up for next year!”

“bad boys..bad boys..whatcha gonna do?”

The little details are what set this event apart for our Principals and Winemakers. They are VERY well taken care of, they get a true understanding for NC and their Epiphany partners, and they ALWAYS want to participate year after year. And most of all they have FUN!! Fried chicken and Champagne hiking has become a much loved tradition as well as staying up late after the events and playing music and sharing stories with each other…Thanks to ALL our talent this year as well as all the years past. We are looking forward to next year!!

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