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Holiday Champagne Problems Solved!

Well, if you haven’t heard we have a Champagne problem here in the US. Since the start of the pandemic, we have seen Champagne sales go through the roof as people turned to bubbly to help get them through these strange times. Who could blame us? After all, Champagne makes everything better! But as many have seen, their favorite libations are becoming harder to come by. But fear not, we have Champagne available (at least for now). Check out below for some of the producers we have in stock.


Roederer-NM-Montagne de Reims

The cuvées of the House of Louis Roederer are the fruit of patient work with fundamental ingredients. With the collaboration of experts; a quest for the perfect balance, hardy and generous grapes cultivated in Champagne soil produce a wine with warm character and crystalline elegance.

Maison Louis Roederer has remained an independent, family-owned company and is now managed by Frédéric Rouzaud, who represents the seventh generation of the family’s lineage with the same patience and unshakeable faith in its creative vocation.

From its founding in 1776, Roederer has been at the forefront of quality. As the largest owner Grand Cru vineyards in Champagne, they are afforded that luxury. From creating the world’s first prestige cuvee, Cristal, in 1876, to redefining what it means to be “Non-Vintage” in 2021. Roederer has been a leader in the industry for centuries. – VERY LIMITED INVENTORY


Champagne Jacquart-CM Montagne de Reims

Founded in 1964 in Reims by a group of growers with the intention of creating a Champagne house that supports farmers and not just investors, Jacquart now has several Champagnes. Mosaique is a Brut Champagne blend of about 50% Chardonnay, 35% Pinot Noir, and 15% Pinot Meunier. With persistent bubbles, minerality and a subtle yeasty, biscuity note from the extended in-bottle fermentation. While still a bit of an unknown in the US, Jacquart is highly regarded in Europe and represents a fantastic value across the line. The Cuvee Alpha makes for a memorable night to remember and is a great way to celebrate the holidays, while the Mosaique line is a great way to celebrate Friday night.

    Champagne Trouillard-NM-Epernay

The Trouillard and Gobillard familes have been part of the Champagne business in Epernay since the 19th century. They are located in Hauvillers – the heart of Champagne – 5 kilometers from Epernay, at the crossroads between the Marne Valley and the Montagne de Reims. Hautvillers is where Dom Perignon produced his first Champagne in 1668 – his grave is just 10 meters from the Gobillard property.

Today the families own 30 hectares of vines located primarily in Hautvillers’s Premier Cru vineyard. While technically the winery is a négociant they have never had the need to purchase fruit.

 Jean Marc Tissier-RM-Epernay

While the first bottlings happened around the 1998 vintage, making JM Tissier one of the newer producers, the vineyards have been farmed by the family for nearly 100 years. The family farm of 5.95 hectares is spread over the southern slopes of Epernay, Sézannais, Cramant, Chouilly, and Dormans. The grape variety of the vineyard consist of 40% Chardonnay, 40% Meunier, and 20% Pinot Noir. This small young house is making some truly compelling wines that are well worth checking out.

 Delamotte-NM-Le Mesnil-sur-Oger-Cote de Blancs

Delamotte was founded in Reims in 1760 by vineyard owner François Delamotte, a vineyard owner. At more than 250 years old, it is the fifth oldest house in Champagne. Today, the House of Delamotte and its sister company, Champagne Salon, are under the direction of Didier Depond. Highly regarded by the sommelier community for its purity, the Chardonnay driven wines of Delamotte are sure not to disappoint.


NM : Négociant manipulant. A person or legal entity that buys grapes, grape must or wine to make Champagne on their own premises and market it under their own label. All of the big Champagne Houses belong in this category.

RM : Récoltant manipulant. A grower who makes and markets Champagne under their own label, from grapes exclusively sourced from their own vineyards and processed on their own premises.

CM : Coopérative de manipulation. A wine co-op that markets Champagne made from members’ grapes.


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